our experties lie in
focusing on branding through wicked story telling
and developing programs that function with diabolical ease


"Make it simple, but significant" - Don Draper

Elixir Premium Ceylon Tea


HetaAda Workshop


Manja of the Kaffirs

Book Design

Pathfindr: A Network for Backpackers

Branding & UI Design

Nidahasa: Branding for the Senses




Logo Collection 2014



Our Think-Tank Harvest

  • Adelfa

    Online Business Management Tool

    Adelfa is a business management system and its name is derived from 'Adelpha' a caterpillar that has the ability to blend in with its surrounding, a feature that is reflected by the system's flexibility. Practical Examples: purchasing system for an online retail store.

  • Elan

    A Mass Bulletin System

    Send unlimited notifications to an unlimited audience instantaneously at minimum cost. Use a variety of rich media to enhance your messages. Include images, audio, video, PDFs etc. Encourage rapid recipient feedback via built in action-buttons.

The Team

"It's not who we are underneath..."

Shabbir Sajjadhusain

Programmer & Fearless Leader

Taher Sajjadhusain

Designer & Resident Gamer

DigitalArc is a budding design studio found in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka. We focus on Web Design and Branding, adding our local curry spices in everything we do.

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